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The Riders of Green Meadow Series

Bubba Goes National and Bubba to the Rescue

by Jennifer Walker

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Readers of  The Riders of Green Meadow Series will be touched by inspiring stories, but they will also learn about the care and showing of horses while they read about Leslie’s adventures. Sandwiched in is a lesson that if one is willing to work hard, they can make their dreams come true.

Bubba Goes National

When Leslie Clark found a purebred Arabian horse at the local livestock auction, she never dreamed he would soon take her to the national championships.

Thirteen-year-old Leslie Clark has loved horses for as long as she can remember and has been riding since she was six. Although her widowed father cannot afford to give her everything she desires, she works hard to get what she wants. When what she wants, a great horse to show, is taken right out from under her by her rival, Kate Wellesley, Leslie thinks her whole world has been turned upside down–until she finds Lucky (nicknamed Bubba by her father, who thinks he is funny). Then, everything changes. would soon take her to the National Championships.



Bubba to the Rescue

Bubba to the Rescue
, the first sequel to Bubba Goes National, is now available! What starts out as a leisurely trail ride turns into a terrifying afternoon when Alex and Leslie see a plume of smoke rising in the trees. After saving the neighbor’s horses from a horrible fate, the two teens must run through the burning woods and get back to Green Meadow before it’s too late. On the way, they encounter a strange horse wandering through the woods by itself, and it follows them home. Leslie soon becomes attached to “Spark” when she can’t find his owner…but will she get to keep him, or will someone come forward to claim the horse she has come to love?

The cover price for each book is $12.95, with shipping starting at $2.50 for one book at book rate. Also available through major distributors.

“Leslie and the Lion,” a short story companion to The Green Meadow Series

When Leslie and her friends encounter a mountain lion during a trail ride on their horses, they run for their lives. Unfortunately, they soon find themselves hopelessly lost–and getting more lost with every turn. Can they find their way out of the woods and back to Green Meadow before it gets dark or the mountain lion comes back?


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To purchase digital versions for kindle, nook, and more, visit Smashwords or Amazon.

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The Green Meadow Series

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