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Jennifer has been writing all her life. She did business writing in the corporate world for several years, but decided to make a freelance career of it in 2005. She published two books in the Riders of Green Meadow Series–Bubba Goes National and Bubba to the Rescue–and she has a third in the editing stage.

Jennifer has written copy for a number of websites and published articles in Arabian Horse World, Horseman’s News, and Sierra Style, among others. She is also the manager of LEG Up News. Jennifer has won or placed in several Accentuate Writers contests and her stories appeared in their anthology, Elements of the Soul.

When she’s not writing, Jennifer enjoys various forms dancing, including ballroom, swing, tango, tap, and ballet.

Jennifer is a cancer survivor and loves to share her experience. Click here to read her blog where she documented her journey.



The Green Meadow Series

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